Reach over 100,000 merchants
across Nigeria with Red101

Unlock the power of unparalleled market reach and tap into a thriving network of over 100,000 active buyers who are eager for your products and purchase over 250,000 individual products daily.

Reducing risk with cash-free payments

Eliminate the burden of cash handling, accelerate order fulfilment and boost sales frequency with instant digital transactions and automated payment reconciliation.

E-stores that are simple to manage

Effortlessly manage diverse product lines and bulk uploads, expand your portfolio with Red101's adaptive selling options for traditionally restricted products, and seize additional revenue opportunities for an enhanced bottom line.

Multiple promotion opportunities

Efficiently target the right customers using Red101's hyper-localisation feature, pick the most suitable shipping & pricing options, and boost your revenue with smart in-app promotions and data-driven advertising opportunities tailored to your needs.

Integrations with existing systems

Unify your data, ensure accuracy, and streamline your processes by integrating RedCloud with your existing systems. 

Leverage our smart integration module to connect external tools and use our open API to create custom integrations, managing all facets of your supply chain in one central location

Supportive team by your side

Every distributor gets a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring a seamless experience on our platform.

Plus, with Red101’s configurable design, you only pay for the features you truly need and use.


Safe and

Red101 is ISO27001 certified, ensuring robust protection of brands, distributors, retailers, and customer data. 

Our strict financial protocols safeguard users from fraud, and a dedicated security team vigilantly defends our application, platform, and data against external threats.  In addition, we uphold best practices for data protection and storage, utilising high-bit strength encryption

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